Let It Kill You

by Blood Between Us

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Kaitlyn Tomaskovic
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Kaitlyn Tomaskovic Awesome dudes that went from my friends, to a band I really admire. Favorite track: Bloom.
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Let It Kill You


released April 29, 2017

Blood Between Us, is
Riley Hodges
Kristian Lambright
Garner Simpson
Chris Wilson
Cody Guy Lea.
Recorded at Silverline Studios
Mixed/Mastered by Matt McClellan



all rights reserved


Blood Between Us Texas City, Texas

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Track Name: Dog
Burnt in a pot, I am the dog. The dance of digging, I am the dog. Conception of ghost breeding the hogs. Crisp enough for living, I am the dog.

Colonize the breath of the preaching choir. Burn off the hair and sever the prints. Let me take it all from your warm stint, and breed rest for all to see

Sketched on the map the lovers gave to you. Maybe if we sleep we can find it to leave.

I've been feral for too long. Grab your gun, put me down, and give the kids a laugh.

Black bag on my scalp, dogs will breed where sheep will sleep. Black dogs in my head, they will shit on my relief.
Track Name: Blanco
If I procure a chance to make yours taste like mine, I'd saw my arms off just to bleed your stakes.

force fed. Mind kept. Bled to death for your rock n roll catch. (x3)

It's all glamour and glitter. The shiny tv screen spits your name and breathes your fame.

Break the mold. Crowd goes in. Crash in flames. Burn the sect. Trash the means. Can you smell the cyanide on its breath? (x2)

It's all glamour and glitter. The shiny tv screen spits your name. It's breathes your fame, oh sew your ears shut. Don't listen to it.

This enterprise is a cagamosis. It's too early for your screams.
Track Name: I In These Lines
Take her heart and bag it up and let it drip on my sleeve. I want the most imperfect. I want the best of me to follow through and come clean with. With all of my dark. With. With all of my dark.

Lay it to rest. Lay it to rest. your heart will open and close again. Your heart will open and close again. (x2)

There's only one way this can go, up or down. Trick the truth. It's all men can do. (x2)

Lay it to bed and kiss your insect to sleep. He's just waiting to prey when you're feeding off your weak. This junction, this love of ours, is felicitous (felicitous).

And I find him cold in a grave.
Track Name: Bloom
I've let the axe sever ties in my life, I wore them around my neck and I keep them tight. I let the wood of the chair hit. The white porcelain is brunt of the break and I have shed all but the great lengths to reap what I sow and render blanks. I can't promise that I'll bend the moon, but please don't bother, love, (we'll be home soon)x2.

I hung in the space of the last few words you said.

Find what you love and let it kill you. He was right. He's never spoken brighter truth. And let the skies wane first in the presence of your youth. You've never shined brighter than your face in lieu of booths.

Lissome will bring home a new eye.

Don't you be a new break for new weight to hold me through this cracking ground.

Don't touch it, just let it bloom by itself. It will grow faster if you have faith.
Track Name: Love Lost, Taste Fear
The knight has laid down his sword
In the roots that hold our blinding façade
Beds seem lower than they actually are
Break even and gather your wind
Tides roll off of the ever growing fog
Distance will break our spirits in two
Others chest seem deeper than his
Break in his quake and further his thought

Which bed will you lie in tonight?
Choose now or forever be at ease
Disgust is present, now forever be on edge
It's the only factor you're tasting tonight
I'm present with the locust; shedding your skin
Hurt the ones that give you a bed
I pray just to bade no farewells from the ill heads
I wish but tonight would never have woken up

Do you feel as if you've done a good deed?
The fact is you've never even stopped to ask "how could he love me tonight?" The only thing that you'd wish to hear is your moans as you love the lost and taste the fear
I'd stop to help you but my hands are broken and I can't seem to pull you up

Heart found and begging for a new sleeve
Insert a presence and never asking you or me
Don't let the world let you think you are such grace
I heard your voice whisper bad rain
I wish a blade be it thin
For you shoulder trickling sweet.
Kissing it forever more, forever more
Please stop. you're ripping his heart

Love lost, taste fear (x4)